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Empowering Solar Businesses with High-Quality Leads
Elevate your solar business with our top-tier leads, meticulously tailored for success. Experience the difference quality makes.
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Prime Real Estate Leads for Your Success
Discover success with our tailored real estate leads. Quality connections for your thriving business.
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Qualified leads for Merchant Cash Advance
Unlock success with our top-tier Merchant Cash Advance leads. Quality leads for your financial growth.
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Our Leads Generation Process

Partnering with Nex Gen means more than acquiring leads—it means gaining a strategic advantage through a proven process crafted to elevate your business's growth and success.

Targeted Lead Generation

Leveraging advanced tools and techniques, we pinpoint and target high-potential leads within your industry. Through meticulous research and data analysis, we identify prospects most likely to convert into valuable opportunities for your business.

Stringent Qualification

Every lead goes through a stringent qualification process. We verify and validate each lead, ensuring that they meet the criteria vital for your business's success. This process guarantees that you receive leads that align perfectly with your objectives.

Quality Assurance

Quality is our hallmark. Before reaching you, each lead undergoes rigorous quality checks. We ensure that our leads are not just contacts but genuine opportunities, saving you time and resources while maximizing your conversion rates.

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Solar Leads With CPA and ROI that Work!

NexGen Data was founded by professionals in the solar industry who wanted a better business process for solar companies. With almost a decade of experience in getting NexGen Data, setting solar appointments, and doing live transfers to your solar sales team – when you hire NexGen Data you’re on your way to becoming a leader in the solar industry.

Our team has helped scale solar companies from start-up level to 9 Figures in a few short years. With stellar sales techniques, data optimization, and outstanding lead management

The team at NexGen Data knows what works and we use our knowledge and skills to ensure you succeed in solar!

Distressed Homeowners

Distressed Homeowners, also known as pre-foreclosure, are residential properties where the owner has shown signs of being unable to keep up with financial obligations. In some cases, homeowners may be in forbearance, they could be upside down on their loan, have poor credit or compromised income.

These pre-foreclosure owners can be at risk of falling into foreclosure, however it does NOT mean they are actively in foreclosure.

Our Distressed homeowner leads will give you an opportunity to connect with potential highly motivated sellers before they find their own agent.

Qualified leads for Merchant Cash Advance

Nex Gen, a frontrunner in Merchant Cash Advance leads, equips brokers with the means to amplify their return on investment (ROI). By consistently generating scalable opportunities for businesses in pursuit of funding, we empower brokers with the tools they need for success.

Let Us Improve Your Business!

We are here to provide a top-tier product that will move the needle for you and your solar company. Take the next step and hold us accountable for consistent results!

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