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Leading the way in MCA lead provision, Compass Leads furnishes brokers with dynamic tools to enhance ROI, driving a continuous stream of quality funding opportunities for businesses.

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Leads we offer

Our leads are potential clients identified as businesses seeking immediate funding solutions to bolster their operations. These leads represent a targeted opportunity for brokers to provide capital to merchants ready to grow and expand.

A/B Paper Leads

These leads are high-quality credit merchants providing a range of secure lending options.

Aged MCA Submissions

Seasoned leads representing merchants that have previously expressed interest in and MCA.

UCC leads

UCC leads provide a window into businesses with existing liens, presenting unique opportunities for lenders to offer competitive financing solutions.

Fast-track your funding success

Fast-track your funding success by leveraging our expert financial services tailored to propel your business forward at lightning speed. In today's dynamic economic climate, securing timely and adequate funding can be the difference between thriving and just surviving. Our streamlined processes and deep industry connections ensure that you gain access to the capital you need when you need it.

With a focus on efficiency and a commitment to your goals, we cut through the red tape, minimize the hassle, and provide you with the quickest route to financial growth. Whether it's a Merchant Cash Advance or a strategic business loan, get ready to accelerate your journey toward financial prosperity and leave the competition behind.

Ready for growth?

The description to - Position your business on the springboard of success with our dedicated support, ensuring you're not just ready but fully equipped for growth. We understand that the path to expansion is unique for every company, and that's why our leads are designed to align perfectly with your specific objectives. We're here to amplify your capacity to seize new ventures.


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Our focus is to offer unparalleled customer service to business loan brokers

At the heart of our operations lies a singular vision: to deliver customer service of unmatched quality to business loan brokers. We strive to exceed expectations at every turn by providing personalized support, expert guidance, and responsive solutions that cater specifically to the challenges and opportunities faced by loan professionals. Our dedication to fostering strong, enduring partnerships is evident in our attentive approach and commitment to empowering brokers with the tools and resources they need to thrive in the competitive world of business financing.

Why choose Compass Leads?

Choose Compass Leads for a reliable partner in your journey to business success, where our precision-targeted lead generation strategies and deep industry expertise pave the way for your growth. With Compass Leads, you'll benefit from our commitment to quality, our innovative approach to connecting you with high-intent prospects, and our dedicated support designed to help you close more deals efficiently. We stand as your navigational beacon in the complex landscape of business lending, ensuring you reach your destination with confidence and a competitive edge.

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